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Base bets

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To Play Both
It’s you and your cards against the designated player for the best poker hand. If you like your hand, you must also make the call bet or you will forfeit the base bet and -if wagered- the Pair Plus bet.

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Most importantly, when you have found the betting unit that works best for you, you need to stick to it when you join the roulette table, regardless of what happens. Sometimes, players are tempted to increase their betting units whenever they suffer a lengthy losing streak in an attempt to recoup their losses. However, there is no guarantee the next spin will result in winning , so increasing the bet units dramatically might end up costing you your entire bankroll.

Save as provided for in Rule below, settlement of bets will be based on the final score at the conclusion of the game, including any score achieved in overtime play (if any).
For bets to be valid, there must be 5 minutes or less of scheduled game time left when the remainder of the game is prematurely ended, unless settlement of bets has already been determined (. in Period Betting ).
For NCAAF, the "Home" and "Away" venue indicated on the Website is for reference only.
These are the bets offered for American Football:

In-play markets are among the most complex to develop and maintain in traditional sports, and it will likely take some time before robust live betting options are available for a wide array of esports events at a wide array of books.

All bets will be VOID and refunded, if a race is interrupted or delayed, and not resumed within 77 hours from the scheduled commencement time, unless the bets have been unconditionally determined.
All bets placed on a non-starter after the official practice race will not be refunded.
It is the result at the time of the podium presentation that counts.
Betting on any motor sport qualifying rounds is determined based on the starting grid positions assigned at the end of the qualifying session.
Time penalties imposed by the race officials during the qualifying rounds counts. Other grid demotion or promotions after the qualifying rounds have ended do not count.
These are the bets offered for Motor Sport:

A money line / Head to Head bet is a bet on the outcome of a match or event between two paired competitors. In the event of a draw result, all bets will be refunded at odds of .

There is no universal answer, as the minimum gambling age varies by jurisdiction. Sometimes sites will set their own minimum age above the local minimum age.

Going to War
If your card matches the designated player’s in rank, you can either surrender half your bet or go to war. When going to war, you and the designated player match your original bet, putting the money on the layout. You and the designated player will each get another card, and if you beat the designated player, you win all three bets. If you lose, you lose all three bets. If you go to war and tie the designated player, The game continues until there’s a winner. No additional wagers are necessary.

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